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Avoid Dog Training Mistakes

You make the ultimate decision and decided that you want to have a dog. You are counting on it to give you companionship, to be a piece of pride for your friends to see or to simply bring you joy. And so you visit the pets shop and select dog that you could ever find.

But as soon as you get yourself at home, terrible things begin to happen. Suddenly you realize that your dog is not as charming as you have thought. You discover that your dog is impulsive and can be a total embarrassment for you. The dog that you expect to bring you companionship is often bored and just sits in a far corner. Nip this in the but with our dog training techniques.

You read all kinds of dog books and even enrolled your dog in puppy training classes focusing on obedience but to no avail. So you begin to wonder, ‘Is my dog just sluggish, stubborn or a bit slow?’

Have you considered your dog’s ancestry? Some types of dogs are much harder to train than others because they are not natural followers.

Assess yourself and your methods in training your dog. Are you following the correct training tactics? If you want to make your training sessions easier, more fun and more productive, make sure that you have are following a good training technique. Here are some common mistakes on dog training that you can dote on to make it easier for you to train your dog:

• Not providing enough positive reinforcement during training – Giving rewards prices is a very essential thing in dog training. It encourages your dog to continue obeying your commands in a good manner. But some dog owners don’t like this principle. They think that this will take away the authority they have on their dogs. They would feel that they are making bribes because of their belief that it’s the dog’s duty to follow orders.

• Putting excessive control – Some people are too bossy, pesky or have an obsession with perfection. If you have these characteristics and you have an equally stubborn dog, except your dog training sessions to be a hard time for the both of you.

• Being an extremist in training – You will bore your dog if you train you train him too frequently or repeat every exercise too many times. This applies when you own an independent dog that is not bred to follow commands. Examples of independent dogs are those that are non-sporting, hound and terrier breeds.

• Neglecting your dog’s emotions – A lot of pet owners fail to consider what their dogs are feeling while training. It is very imperative that you give attention to your dog’s feelings most especially during training sessions. If you notice that your dog is not very eager to do some exercises or if he yawns too much, let him rest. This might mean that your dog is too tired or too bored to go on.

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