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Dog Training Tips: More Information than You Can Shake a Target Stick At!

A list of the best sources for dog training tipsThere's two kinds of information on the internet – valuable stuff that comes from trustworthy sources, and “the rest.” If you're looking for authoritative, proven sources that give away free dog training tips, you've found the best links page on the internet.

In a nutshell, the below is the list of sources where I learned everything I know. These dog training tips have all come in useful to me at some point or another in my life as a home dog trainer.

Every one of these resources, focuses on humane, effective methods.

The materials below consist of websites, newsletters and email education courses, free dog training videos, and ebooks.


Dog Training Tips on the Web

(Sorted alphabetically)


Dog Obedience and Training Tips

A big collection of advice on obedience training and other dog training tips, including how to deal with behavior problems.

Dog training tips on the webDogplay

Creative Ways to Play With Your Dog

In addition to dog training tips and advice, this site gives you lots of ideas on how to have fun and kill boredom – both in yourself, and in your dog!


Dog Trainer, Train Thy Self!

This is Dr. Ian Dunbar's immense online library about how to become a master of dog training and behavior modification. It has oodles of tips about every aspect of dog ownership, starting with selection, caring, dog training tips, and dealing with questions of dog health. Don't skip this site!

The Humane Society of The United States

The National Authority!

Among other useful references and resources, you'll be able to watch dog training videos for free, and learn about the unique health and care topics for different breeds.

Karen Pryor's Dog Clicker Training

Animal Behaviorist Superstar

Giving your dog treats every time he or she “gets something right” can lead to health problems. The solution: clicker dog training! It's absolutely genius, and this is the website of the behavioral scientist who brought the clicker to the dog training world.


Dog Training Tips and More

Hundreds of great articles that cover topics including choosing a puppy, the right diet and feeding schedule, dealing with behavior problems, and of course, dog training tips.

Dog Training Tips in Ebook Format – FREE!

(Sorted alphabetically)

Ebooks full of dog training tipsA Bit Of Tender, Love & Care For Dogs

92 pages, by Barbara Kremers

This is a collection of articles that cover many different kinds of dog training tips. To access the free ebook, you just have to choose one of the offers from a major brand sponsor.

Before You Get Your Puppy

103 pages, by Dr. Ian Dunbar

The creator of Dogtime (one of the sites mentioned above) has created this book that is a must read for anyone about to buy a dog, or who has just brought a dog home. House training, preventing behavior problems, early puppy socialization, and so much more. Way more than you'd expect for free!

The Groundwork to Becoming Your Puppy's Leader

26 pages, by Ed Frawley

This is a very important, and frequently misunderstood topic. By the time you read this free ebook, you'll understand why it's important to be your dog's alpha leader, and how to establish that role safely and humanely. His website is great too!

Dog Training Tips via Free Online Video

Puppy Training and Dog Training Online

You can't ask for a more-effective way to learn quickly, than to watch the masters in action. The dog training tips given in these free videos, cover several different topics in plenty of detail. Best of all, the videos are fun – not a dry or boring second!

Dog Training Tips via Free Email Courses & Newsletters

(Sorted alphabetically)

Dog training tips - newsletters and email coursesCanis Clicker Training Academy Newsletter

Once you click the link, scroll to the bottom of the page for a sign-up form. It's a seven-part email course that gives you plenty of dog training tips that are essential for clicker training beginners. Free Newsletter

Adam Katz is so awesome. His website is really a must-have, especially if you own multiple dogs (but even so if you just own one!) His free newsletter is published monthly and gives you great advice.

Secrets To Dog Training Email Course

When it comes to behavior management and dog training tips, this six-part lesson plan, delivered to your inbox, is a definitely authority. It's valued at $29, but was still being offered for free the last time I checked.

Dog Training Tips – Book Reviews Page

I've reviewed a handful of books that deal in dog training tips and specific topics, here at Click to visit my dog training book reviews index page.

Click for more dog training guidance

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