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How to Train Your Dog

The dog training process primarily teaches your dog to perform certain things that you order them to do. You make them understand your command and follow it. There are various techniques and objectives in dog training. You may want to train your dogs to follow commands, do tricks, be a guide, learn to rescue, learn to hunt, become a herding dog or even become a guard dog. Dog behavior problems will be avoided.

Dogs are very social animals, thus, this enables them to easily work together with their fellow dogs. If they were trained very well by their owners, they are able to respond to any gesture given them. Most dogs are able to subsist in an environment inhabited by people who want them to perform certain behaviors accordingly regardless of the training they received. People often make the assumption that dogs cannot learn behaviors if they were not trained, however this is not true.

The most difficult part of a dog’s training is when the dog and the owner try to communicate. Dog obedience must always come first. But to teach a dog to communicate is very simple – just provide reinforcement and correct the dog’s bad behaviors. There are five primary behaviors your dog has to learn in the obedience stage – sit, stay, down, come (here) or the recall command, close and heel.

Recall command is the most significant command that your dog has to know but you cannot teach him this if he doesn’t know “heel”. Make your dog learn to walk by your side first. Don’t ever rebuke your dog if he does not respond to the recall command or else, he wait for the punishment before doing the behavior. Go to your dog if you need to rectify his behavior; don’t tell him to come to you. This will conceive incorrect ideas in your dog’s mind and will make him run away from you in the end.

Dogs will not comprehend anything that you are saying. But because they have a sharp sense of hearing, they will be able to differentiate and remember every word.

When you give out commands to your dog, keep your voice clear and composed. Always remember to let your dog hear you because if he can’t hear your command, he will not surely do it. Use a higher and a more affectionate tone if you are commending your dog. On the other hand, make your voice low and sad if you are correcting him.

Teach your dog continuously and regularly. While you’re on it, gradually make the commands more complicated. Treat it as a game so that you and your dog will have a lot of fun.
Why do you train your dog? This is simply because you want to behave accordingly when you give out commands. It is advisable to train your dog a whole year –during springtime and early summer. Complete the first few sessions between 5 to 10 minutes. You can devote more time in training as he grows older. Consider the time and place that your dog feels comfortable in to make him excited about the next session.

There are three things that you can teach your dog – behavior, obedience and activity. Behavior will teach your dog how to behave around people and learning how and when to use the bathroom. Obedience will teach your dog accurate and speedy response to commands; however this will not guarantee any progress regarding wrong behavior. Lastly, activity will teach your dog to hunt, rescue, herd and other adventures. Balls and Frisbees can be learned from this training.

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