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Train Your Dog to Be Your Best Friend

Most of the time, your dog is just being a dog. It does what a normal dog does: dig holes at your well-maintained garden, gnaws up everything that it sees, or snarl at a tiny fly. Many times your dog will drive you up the wall.

But don’t fret. There is something you can do to make your dog act a little more civilized – train it. You both deserve this. You may hate it when your dog acts crazy, but you must know that your dog can’t help it. It doesn’t know any better than to do follow its wild nature. YOU must learn how to train your puppy.

One of the most important things you can do is to train your dog to be obedient and to eliminate dog behavior problems. Your dog will also be happy with this. If you have a well-trained dog, you are likely to set fewer boundaries so it can be able to choose whatever pleases its doggie nature. You will not be obligated to lock your dog or worry about what it will do if anyone comes by to visit. With enough training, it will learn to become very loyal to your family and not just cause trouble.

You will get to build up your relationship with your dog through very simple training drills. In addition, you will have a chance to build a certain bond that your dog can only get from your trust and support. It will come to realize that you are its Alpha parent and will later develop enormous respect and understanding for you. Having your dog become well-trained will launch a new communication experience that in the end, will gain you a very agreeable lifetime friend.

To be able to succeed in equipping your dogs with good dog training, you would need to provide rewards for their determination. If they maintain good behavior, give them incentives and lots of exercise. The best thing to do for character training would be running or swimming. But this will depend on what type of dog you have. Allowing your dogs to use up its energy through recreation will contest the boredom that may build up within them. This will get rid of the usual bad habits, particularly barking.

So before giving up on your dogs, try to spend time training them. The best way to train your dogs is to reiterate to them what you want them to learn. Doing everything in routines is the basic key to succeed in your training strategy. Like children, puppies constantly want your attention so always keep this in mind.

Although it is always best to train your dog from the very start, it is never too late to do it. So start training your dog now and reward yourself and your dog with a life that both of you are worthy to have.


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