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Why Frontline For Dogs is My Favorite

Sure-Fire Flea and Tick Control

Frontline for Dogs protects against fleas and ticksEverybody knows that fleas and ticks are more than just a bother – they’re a danger to your whole family. Frontline for dogs is an affordable, leading-edge product for controlling fleas and ticks, and by controlling them, of course I mean killing them.

There are three products in the Frontline for dogs brand, meant for three different uses. Here are the most commonly-asked questions about Frontline for dogs, and you’ll forgive me in advance for having only good things to say.

What is Frontline for dogs?

Frontline for dogs is the product veterinarians recommend for home and clinic use, when treating an active infestation. It relies on fipronil, which shuts down an insect’s nervous system, killing fleas and ticks just a moment after contact.


What are the Frontline for dogs products?

There are three:

  • Frontline Spray is both for your home and your dog. You spray it on everything. Most veterinarians reach for it the moment you bring in a dog with fleas or ticks.
  • Frontline Plus is my favorite. It adds an extra active ingredient that kills eyes and larvae.
  • Frontline Topspot is a topical medication that works both now and later.

Here are some product details on Frontline Spray:

Frontline Spray for dogs is waterproof, won’t evaporate in the sun, and remains active for a full month. It’s easy to apply, and kills fleas and ticks on contact, plus kills them if they come in contact with your dog after application. You just spray it on your dog or cat, and it’s all over. Safe for both dogs and cats after 8 weeks of age. Here’s a quick link to buy a six month supply of Frontline Spray for dogs.

How can Frontline for dogs keep working for a month?

Frontline for Dogs is waterproof after 24 hoursWhen you spray Frontline for dogs between your dog’s shoulder blades, it gets stored in his oil glands. This means your dog’s own protective oils will act like a time release, which is also part of why it’s waterproof.

What side effects should I know about when using Frontline for dogs?

Some dogs will have a mild skin reaction that goes away within two days after application. However, some dogs are allergic to the fipronil, the active ingredient of Frontline for dogs, so if your dog has more than just a mild reaction, you need to see your vet right away.

Which Frontline for dogs product is best for my dog?

That depends on how bad the infestation is. If you have a serious infestation, I’d recommend using the Frontline Spray on every square inch of fabric throughout your house, plus your dog as well. A month later, use Frontline Plus for prevention. If you don’t already have an infestation, Frontline Topspot is the way to go for inside dogs, and Frontline Plus is the best choice for inside-outside dogs. Don’t use Frontline Spray on pregnant dogs, though.

How do I use Frontline for dogs?

Well, first off, make sure to read the directions twice. Don’t let me scare you off, but remember this stuff is effectively a poison, so “use as directed” are the three key words. That being said, it’s very simple. Frontline Plus and Frontline Topspot are packaged as a single dose – you empty the whole tube out onto your dog’s skin between the shoulder blades. With Frontline Spray, you part your dog’s hair and spray at the roots and skin.

Here’s some product information and a link to buy Frontline Topspot for dogs:

Frontline Topspot six-month supply causes the parasites paralysis and then death in about 24 hours after application, and protects your dog for up to a month per application. Your dog can go swimming and be his or her normal, active self – Frontline for dogs won’t wash off. It can safely be used to treat puppies 8 weeks or older, and it only takes a few minutes for the whole application. Kills ticks, fleas and lice. Buy a six-month supply of Frontline Topspot for dogs.

What parasites does Frontline for dogs kill?

Frontline for dogs kills fleas, ticks, and lice, and in all three cases the products will kill most pests at any stage of their life cycle. It tends to kill before the insects ever have a chance to bite, which lowers the risk of any infections or allergies caused by an infestation.

What dogs should NOT be treated with Frontline for dogs?

Puppies younger than 8 weeks, old dogs, and dogs in poor health should not be treated with Frontline for dogs. Frontline Spray should not be used on dogs who are pregnant or nursing pups.

How soon does Frontline for dogs start working?

Within 24 hours of applying Frontline to your dog, fleas will start dying in droves. Ticks will start dying in under 48 hours. Frontline Plus and Frontline Topspot kill a bit faster, usually preventing a flea from ever biting your dog.

Does Frontline for dogs prevent infestations, or only treat existing infections?

Frontline Topspot kills adult parasites and repels new attacks. Frontline Spray kills adult fleas and ticks most effectively out of the three products. Frontline Plus is the best product for prevention because it will kill fleas whether they’re in egg sacs, larval form, or adult; and Frontline Plus also kills adult ticks and most tick larvae. Frontline Plus is also an effective repellent against future infestations.

Should I restrict my dog’s activities after treating him with Frontline for dogs?

Frontline for Dogs protects active dogsIt takes about 24 hours before the medication becomes waterproof. So, with the exception of swimming, bathing, etc, your dog can resume all his normal activities as soon as you’re done applying any variety of Frontline medication. Swimming and bathing are fine after 24 hours.

Where do I buy Frontline for dogs?

Frontline for dogs is a prescription medication, so you buy it either from your veterinarian, or you can take a prescription order to your pet store, or you can buy it online. Frontline tends to be least expensive when you buy it online.

Here’s some product information for Frontline Plus:

Frontline Plus is sold in 6-month supplies, with each tube containing one dose. It kills fleas, ticks, flea eggs, most tick larva, and chewing lice. You just squeeze the entire tube of Frontline Plus directly on your dog’s skin between the shoulder blades, and your dog will be protected for a full month. This product is safe for pregnant, breeding, and nursing dogs of any size after 8 weeks of age. Select your dog’s weight to get the right Frontline Plus for your dog. Frontline Plus is waterproof starting 24 hours after use. Click here to buy a 6-month supply of Frontline Plus.

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