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Yorkshire Terrier Information

Yorkshire Terrier training and breed informationAbout the Breed and Training

From their humble beginnings as rat-hunters in the coal mines of England, to their current status as one of the most popular breeds of pet dogs in the world, the Yorkshire Terrier (also known as “Teacup Yorkie,” “Miniature Yorkie,” or just “Yorkie”) is a fabulous toy dog with tons of personality.

If you like an itty-bitty dog with a lot of energy, who is affectionate towards you, and who has an active sense of humor and play, then a Yorkshire Terrier can be a great choice.

This page of Yorkshire Terrier information should make it clear why a Yorkie with decent training and socialization will put some pleasant spunk into your home.

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Breed History – Yorkshire Terrier Information

As I mentioned, this breed was developed to fight the rat population in the coal mines of Yorkshire, England. They were loyal and efficient at the job, and won the hearts of the country in no-time.

When they were being developed, the mixed lineage of Yorkshire Terriers was not carefully recorded. They bear resemblances to many different breeds of terriers, plus other breeds like the Maltese and the Old English Black & Tan. In 1870, the breed was registered as the Yorkshire Terrier.

Appearance – Yorkshire Terrier

Although they are toy dogs, Yorkshire Terriers are athletic – both strong and fast. Thanks to this, they tend to have a lot of confidence, and that also comes with a lot of personality. They’re also very smart, like most dogs bred for work.

The Yorkshire Terrier coat is luxurious to the touch, and changes color as they age, from a patchy mix of black and tan, to a more bluish tint. It sheds much less than other breeds, making Yorkies a good choice for people with allergies.


Social Temperament – Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies were bred for work, and to this day, they remain a breed that will be loyal to their masters. However, I’m not kidding about the “spunk.” Socialization and obedience training are serious musts for Yorkshire Terriers because, even with that training, they consider themselves quite independent and individual.

Yorkshire Terriers do form strong bonds with people and other animals if properly socialized, and will consider themselves a part of the family.

On the other hand, without proper socialization, some of that “fighter spirit” they were originally bred for might surface.The Yorkie pup requires breeders who do basic socialization training before they sell the puppy.

Although they’re very individual, any Yorkshire Terrier will be an outgoing dog, who thinks up his or her own ways to kick off play time. People familiar with terriers in general will recognize a lot of the personality in Yorkies. They’re pretty territorial, and will always decide for themselves that they are the household security system.

If there’s one problem that Yorkies can present to their owners, it’s trouble with controlling excessive barking. Some Yorkshire Terriers can also take a while to potty train, owing to their territorial nature and their background as hunters in mines. We suggest reading about how to control excessive barking before you buy a Yorkie, so you’ll know what to do in advance.

Again, Yorkshire Terriers will become deeply connected to all the other household members after proper socialization training. Yorkies can also be vulnerable to separation anxiety if you spend too much time away from home, but I’ve written a guide on how to deal with separation anxiety in dogs that will help you either prevent, or reduce, that risk.

Unique Health Problems – Yorkshire Terrier

As with every popular breed of dog, it’s important you buy from a reputable breeder. Deal with one who’s well-known, who’s an expert on Yorkshire Terriers, and who pays attention to their dogs, enough that they can provide medical histories of parents and grandparents.

These athletic, tiny Yorkies are built of stern stuff, and they don’t get sick easily. However, there are some unique health problems that every Yorkshire Terrier owner should know about.

  • The size of Yorkshire Terriers puts them at risk of being stepped on, or hurt by play time accidents. If you have young children who aren’t always gentle with animals, a Yorkie might not be the right choice.
  • The puppy socialization process is important with Yorkshire Terriers because they’re bossy, territorial, and confident. Use your best judgment when you and your Yorkie visit with bigger dogs.
  • Yorkies are at risk for hypoglycemia, aka low blood sugar, at all ages. This tends to be stress-related.
  • Tooth decay is a problem. Make sure his teeth are brushed regularly and don’t be afraid to feed them bones, to replenish calcium.
  • Older Yorkies can develop cataracts even without a family history of eye disease.
  • Yorkies who struggle against their leash can suffer tracheal collapse.

Yorkshire Terrier Training

As I mentioned above, Yorkshire Terriers are well-known for being hard to potty train. Aside from this, they’re smart and friendly enough to respond to any kind of training, if it’s done in a friendly way that encourages the right behavior.

Despite being very willful and independent breed, the most important bit of Yorkshire Terrier information I can provide is this: They are still dogs. As such, they will willingly obey and learn from you if you take the right steps for puppy obedience training. Just establish yourself as their kind leader, and they will apply their able minds to the challenge.

In other words, Yorkshire Terriers will learn the rules of the house if you are a good trainer.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’ll lose your mind house training a Yorkshire Terrier. Potty training takes longer and takes more patience, but once again, they’re dogs. Just use the same methods as with any other dog breed, and expect their spunky personality and their instincts as territorial hunters to make the process a bit slower.

Since they’re unique, there are resources just for those of you who plan to train your Yorkshire Terrier at home. It’s called, aptly enough, the “Yorkshire Terrier Training System,” and it works great. It also includes tips on selecting from a litter, how to meet their unique puppy socialization needs, additional advice about house training a Yorkie, and quite a bit more. Most of all, it includes diet information, which will help you prevent health risks.

Learn about training dogs yourself, or read about other popular dog breeds.

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